Village Craft Exhibition 2011

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Exhibitors Listings

Charlie Snowdon
Wood craft & design

From the time I discovered my dad’s tool box in the shed and hammered a nail into a piece of wood, I’ve always loved making by hand. Although my career path has taken me down the road of graphic design, I’ve always felt the need to saw, shape and sand. The urge to find out how to ‘make stuff’ has led me to further education in the form furniture design and leaded glass work.

I am influenced by aspects of Japanese design aesthetics, especially: Shibui Simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. Shizen Naturalness. Absence of pretense or artificiality, full creative intent unforced. Kanso Simplicity or elimination of clutter. Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner. My other main influence is the Arts and Crafts movement, particularly its emphasis on the inherent qualities and integrity of materials, visible construction and simple forms.

Visit KiKu online

Julian Birtwell
Wooden Heart Woodcraft

I retired to Broadbottom 8 years ago .I am an ex desk jockey who produced nought in a lifetime of paper shifting. I now play with wood-much more creative & satisfying!

My ethos is to recycle as much as I can so lots of my stuff is made from recycled wood. The shavings and sawdust are composted for our garden.
All items intended for food use are finished with food safe oil (Cheese/Chopping/Bread boards, bowls, spoons etc.)

I usually have a stall at the Glossop Local Produce Market on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

Any questions or orders please contact me:
Julian O7779 874513

Helen Whittaker

I recently started knitting again when my granddaughter brought 100grms of natural wool back from holiday and she asked me to make something with it. I knitted a cushion as I thought it would be more of a keepsake. I have since knitted several more with slight variations, a school cardigan for Isabelle and with a great grandchild on the way I will be adding to my collection.

It was something I did for years when my children were young (and bit disheartening when your daughter goes off to youth club in a brand new Aran sweater and forgets to bring it home) but it seemed to go out of fashion.
I am pleased to say I have really enjoyed knitting and teaching my grandchildren to knit.

Alex Snowdon
Design led greetings cards and prints

I started my small business in 2010 after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a first class honours degree in graphic design & illustration. My product range mainly consists of design led greetings cards and prints, which I design and illustrate myself, and eco friendly canvas and jute bags which I print by hand from home. My items are all produced with concern for the environment, and I use the most environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced materials available. I love to travel and this is where I find most of my inspiration. Much of my work has been influenced by folk art from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

I sell my products online from Not on the High Street you can find the link to my online shop from my website. If you would like to buy any of my products and you live locally I can offer you 20% off the prices in my online shop, and no delivery charge, (if you can pick up your order from New Street!) For further details of this offer please email me via my website,
Snowdown Design and Craft, or phone 01457 763112.

Wick & Witch

Wick & Witch are two artists based in the North West who have been established for fourteen years, exhibiting and selling a unique collection of work, collaboratively, under the Wick & Witch brand, of which we have both become known and recognised.

We have contributed to community events locally, believing that art should be accessible and inspiring. Our work is produced using recycled products where possible, hand dyeing and hand stitching methods, interwoven with natural plants and materials to stunning effect.

Wick & Witch artwork and displays can be produced to order to add a magical visual to your event. Artwork can be themed or personalised to provide a stunning accent to complement your attraction or an eye catching focal point to draw attention and captivate. Scenes and individual pieces can be hired or purchased to your specification. Our indoor and outdoor scenes and displays have been enchanting audiences and winning awards for fourteen years, let us provide you with a little magic!

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