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Over the second half of the nineteenth century organised social activities developed. Many were linked with church and chapel or the public houses. Those reported in the Glossop Chronicle tend to be of an improving kind. The patronage of the Sidebottoms and Chapmans is reflected, for example in the  Broadbottom pipe band and the Harewood string band. The public houses hosted events such as plant shows and natural history groups. Over time, political networks emerged and in the 1880s and 90s the Conservative and Liberal clubs opened.   A lads’ club was built at the side entrance to Harewood Lodge.






Social events reported in the Glossop Chronicle:


·        Establishment by A.K. Sidebottom Esq. of Broadbottom Pipe Band 

·        Concert at the Spring Tavern – “The Celebrated Swallow Family” 

·        Social Tea Party held at the Primitive Chapel by the Advocates of Total Abstinence.   Proceedings enlivened by singers 


·        Procession by teachers and scholars of the Primitive Methodist Chapel.  They were admired for their respectability and were able to raise £8 for school funds

·        Botanical Meeting at The Quiet Gill. “A goodly number of specimens were exhibited”.


·        The Annual Meeting of the Wesleyan Sunday School was held on Christmas Day.  The schoolroom was elaborately decorated with scriptural mottos and a goodly number partook of tea.  After tea, Mr Clayton and several gentlemen addressed the meeting followed by an excellent programme of songs and recitals. 

·        At 9.00a.m. on Christmas Morning, the scholars attending the Primitive Methodist Sunday School were served by their teachers with a good breakfast consisting of currant bread and coffee.  All were highly gratified with the treat that had been provided for them.

       On Sunday Evening, a service of sacred songs was given in the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Gorsey Brow under the leadership of Mr Thornley. 

·        10th January 1880 at the Primitive Tea Meeting, the Chapel choir gave the glees, “Where are thou beam of light?”  The choir consisted of 10 females. 

·        24th January 1880 at the Wesley Tea Meeting, 100 sat down to a tea in the schoolroom.  Mr Salisbury of Glossop spoke of “… the evils arising out of the use of intoxicating drinks”.

·        Mrs Chapman of Hill End House provided a tea for 100 members of the Band of Hope.  After a talk about the Temperance Movement the children were taken for a picnic in Stamford Park, Aston-Under-Lyne.

·        In July, the Primitive Methodists arranged a Gala Day which included performances by Broadbottom Brass Band. 

·        August 1880, the Non-conformist Centenary demonstration consisted of a procession of both Primitives and Wesleyans.  It joined up with similar groups from Charlesworth and then passed by Clayton House, Haven House and The Crescent .


·        Billiard handicap at Harewood Lodge.  35 competed for prize of 10/-.  Prize won by James Fernley. 

·        Bankfield Sunday School Tea Party attended by 400 for sandwiches 

·        Grand Concert to raise money for Broadbottom Mechanics Institute was held in the Co-operative Hall 

·        Jubilee treat for old folks organised by Miss Sidebottom.  70 persons over 62 years were entertained by a ventriloquist and given a copy of ‘The Life of the Queen’ 

·        Rose Show at the Griffin 

·        Wild Flower Bouquet Show at the Shoulder of Mutton 

·        Conservative Picnic to Belle Vue accompanied by Broadbottom Brass Band 

·        Harewood String Band at the Co-operative Hall 

·        Lecture on “Home Rule for Ireland” for the Liberal Association at the Co-operative Hall


·        Hodge Printworks Employees Supper.  Mr Costobadie spoke about the cordial relations between employer and employees.

·        Little Folks Bazaar in empty house on Market Street raised £2.10s by selling old dolls and toys to be sent to Dr Stephenson of London for his Children’s Home. 

·        Thirty members of the Conservative club went on at outing to Tintwistle to play billiard and whist. 

·        Forty friends and work people of Mr Hirst met at the Shoulder of Mutton for a party before he left for British           Columbia. 

·        Sale of Work at Bankfield School to raise money towards the remaining debt of £300 for the new church, St. Mary Magdalene.

·        Talk at Primitive Methodist Sunday School: ‘How to get and retain a congregation’.

·        Crusade Against Strong Drink meets fortnightly. 

·        Collection for Missionaries in South Africa raises £6. 


·        Pigeon flying in Broadbottom. 

·        “Broadbottom used to be the home of a capital class of football.  One of the first places locally that gave countenance to the Association Game.  Their club field was at the rear of the Foresters Arms and the team went through to the early rounds of the English Cup”. 

·        Brass Band Contest on land lent for the occasion by Mr Bostock


Lecture at King Street Billiard Room “Some Startling and Wonderful Discoveries in Egypt.

The Carters Annual Dinner held at The Crescent attended by 28 Carters who enjoyed songs round the piano.

The Liberal Club Annual Party – “An excellent sandwich tea provided by Mr Redfern of Heron House. 

Christmas Party at The Lads Club for 100 provided by Miss Sidebottom.

Conservatives v. Liberals billiards and whist tournament.

The Harewood Club has 70 members. 

Comic Opera in Broadbottom Cooperative Hall presented by Hadfield Operatic Society.

Lecture at the Wesleyan School Room  “A Thousand Miles Up The Nile” .

A series of lectures at The Broadbottom New Schools entitled “The Way We Are Governed” and illustrated with ‘’limelight views’ by Mr J Watson Sidebottom, late M.P. for Hyde. 

Knife and fork tea party at the Commercial Inn.

Broadbottom Botanical Society at the Quiet Gill “Several Specimens Explained”.

(researched by Sonia Florent)







Festive outfits at Hurst Clough c1900

(Joyce Winterbottom)








Stroll in Bothams Wood - (Kath and Bill Shaw)







Broadbottom Brass Band 1935 

  (courtesy of Joyce Winterbottom)















Church choir and vicar outside St Mary Magdalen 1920s (Joyce Powell)













Nellie Redfern's (Lyne) certificate of merit for attendance at Sunday School 1921




Each year in May the churches and chapels held processions. The ‘Sermons’, as they were called, took place at different times and are much-photographed events in the village. Below are photographs of an Anglican sermon from about 1909, a Catholic May Procession from the 1930s and a Methodist sermon from the 1950s, showing how long-lived this tradition was. There was also a tradition of May queens and Rose queens, again each group having its own separate festival.













Ladies’ Group:  Anglican Sermon 1900s      (Joyce Powell)









Men’s group: Anglican Sermon 1900s (Joyce Powell)





Christmas at Harewood 1886

Christmas Festivities at Harewood Lodge, the residence of Major Sidebottom M.P. and Miss Sidebottom.  The outdoor and indoor servants together with their wives and families were entertained.  At one oclock the party assembled at the servants hall where a most sumptuous repast was waiting them, the fare consisting of roast beef and mutton, vegetables, plum pudding, pies and various other delicacies… after the ‘Inner Man’ had been satisfied, the party amused themselves by various games.  At about 8 o’clock a lucky bag was introduced to the youngsters.  The bag contained all prizes and no blanks .. very useful articles.  For adults a similar lottery was provided and amongst others there were money prizes of 5/- and upwards.  The younger members of the party and the feminine sex were allowed to take their leave but before doing so Mr Tinker proposed a toast of thanks to Major and Miss Sidebottom.  Major Sidebottom replied that the years and Christmastides continued to roll and some of those present could not expect to see many more, so he would advise them to think seriously and prepare themselves A number of the men stayed behind and partook of supper, the whole party breaking up at quarter to eleven.”    






Children’s Walk: Anglican Sermon 1900s   (Joyce Powell)







Catholic May Procession 1920  (Clare Hussell)















Guides 1920s (Nellie Lyne)


Anglican Rose Queen 1950s ( Gladys Yarwood)


Methodist May Queen 1951( Joyce Winterbottom)







 Theatricals 1920s (Nellie Lyne)







 Theatricals 1920s (Nellie Lyne)

There were secular recreations as well including theatricals for young people. Nellie Lyne remembers the Chapman family helping out with costumes. The photographs above show both the large number of children and young people living in the area and their keenness to take part in organised activity such as scouts and guides.

Other institutions came and went, reflecting new tastes in leisure: there was a cinema on Bostock Lane in the 1920s in a stable building  belonging to the Hall and a golf club on the Hague. The golf pavilion is now a house. There was a tennis court next to the Methodist church on Ogden St in 1934.  Cricket and football were well supported, and produced players of a high quality.




Scouts 1920s (Nellie Lyne) 


View of golf clubhouse on Pingot Lane(Joyce Powell)













Broadbottom  football team 1960s  (Nellie Lyne)


Cricket team 1960s (Nellie Lyne)









In the late 1970s and 80s, a carnival was instituted which included a parade of floats and bands and decorated cars from within the village and the local area. Carnival queens from the region paraded and there were light hearted sporting events, including pram races, tug of war and a boat race on the Etherow.














 Decorated Car


Pram Race 1979 (Helen Whittaker)








Playgroup Float (Goulds)


Boat Race 1979 (Gladys Yarwood)







 Men's tug of war (Helen Whittaker)


Playgroup Float 1980s









Carnival Princess 1978

 (Helen  Whittaker)





 Football 1979 (Helen Whittaker)




Women's tug of war 1979  (Helen Whittaker)



The village has a long and continuous history of cricket that goes back over a hundred years and is still strong now. Bernard Lyth, Bob Parry and Tom Shufflebottom have all been involved in playing and organising the game over the years. The pitch was originally given by the Chapman family and there have been improvements over the years, including levelling the sloping field in the 1960s.

Carnival Queen




Broadbottom  football team 1920s (Nellie Lyne)


Broadbottom  football team 1900s (Nellie Lyne)


Broadbottom Carnival  (Gladys Yarwood)


Golf Players c1910 (Joyce Powell)


Methodist Sermon 1956 (Joyce Winterbottom)



Catholic May Procession 1933 ( Clare Hussell)