Autumn Show 2017

Sorry for not getting this list out earlier. These are the classes for this year’s autumn Show which will take place on Sunday September 24th.

These are the show classes for this September. Maximum 2 entries per class for any individual. Entry forms will be sent out in early September.
Show Classes (Adult)
Flowers and Vegetables
1. Seed tray with 4 distinct kinds of vegetable
2. Jam jar with 3 types of herbs
3. A Giant vegetable, any kind
4. A home-grown flower arrangement
5. Vase with at least 3 varieties of home grown garden flowers
6. A home grown bizarre fruit or vegetable
Kitchen Crafts
7. Large baked cake, any kind: Approx 7” tin
8. Show-stopper cake: Theme village history
9. Home-made bread (loaf or rolls)
10. Jar of Jam, jelly or marmalade
11. Chutney, Pickle. Sauce or flavoured infusion
12. Home brewed wine or beer
13. A kitchen catastrophe: photo or the real thing
Photography –maximum A4 print “Snaps welcome”
14. Movement
15. Close-up
16. Holidays
17. Knitted or crocheted item
18. Greeting Card
19. Home-made or up-cycled item of clothing (explanatory notes accepted)
20. Picture: any medium
21. 3-dimensional object: any medium

Show Classes (Children):

Children’s Classes
Plants and Nature
22. Funny fruit or vegetable grown by you.
23. Jam Jar with 3 types of herbs and their names.
24. Jam Jar with 3 types of wild flowers and their names.
25. Display of named tree leaves, pressed or fresh.
26. Fairy or Miniature garden.
27. Flower headdress or garland.
28, 3 decorated cupcakes. Theme: Village History.
29. 3 jam tarts.
30. funny biscuits.
31. A kitchen catastrophe, photograph or the real thing.
Photography, “Snaps”welcome
32. Pets.
33. Sunshine.
34. Doll, soft toy or puppet.
35. Drawing/painting of a dinosaur or a unicorn
36. A poem about Broadbottom’s past.
37. Decorated wizard’s or witch’s hat.
38. Upcycled model of a dinosaur, robot or super hero.
39. Spaceship made from rubbish.
40. A greetings card.



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