Britain in Bloom and Broadbottom in Bloom 2013

Don’t forget that this is once again a Broadbotttom in Bloom year.

When (led by Broadbottom Environment Partnership) Broadbottom first entered Britain in Bloom in 2010, nobody could have guessed just how successful we were going to be. To get a Silver Gilt Award on the first time of entry was a real triumph. Last time, we had a lot of help from Tameside, but of course with all the belt-tightening the council has to do, we are going to have to stand very much on our own feet this year. It’s really up to you to make the village look its best when the judges come around!

This year the emphasis will be on community and sustainability. BEP are hoping to create a “Heritage Trail”, guiding visitors and villagers alike to the main features of our unique village. In addition BEP are intending to create a series of colourful personalised artworks to decorate the lampposts of the village, as Tameside can’t afford to provide hanging baskets. We hope everyone will be looking to brighten up the village with colourful plantings, trying to make more use of perennial plants for sustainability and that households, groups and businesses will get involved in planting and other ways to make Broadbottom a village to be proud of.

BEP will soon be telling you more via leaflets and posters around the village. You can also find out more and keep up to date with developments via their Facebook page (Broadbottom Environment Partnership). Please give it a ‘like’ and if you want to get involved then leave a message on the page or contact them on 07885 891277

The AGM of the Broadbottom Environment Partnership will be on Tuesday 21st May, at 7.30 in the Harewood

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