Oktoberfest review

This October we decided to give something different a go with our themed meals at the community centre. Instead of the classic Italian or Spanish evening we decided to celebrate with an Oktoberfest theme. This took advantage of the fact we have an award winning brewery in the village (thanks for your ongoing support Phil and the team at the Harewood Arms), and with the oncoming long, dark nights it gave us a chance to build up those fat reserves with some hearty German stodge!

More than fifty people joined us in our BierKellar styled community centre for a surprisingly diverse selection of sausage and potato main courses, including sausage and chickpea stew, potatoes with bacon, Fran’s pie with bacon, and several veggie options such as sausage and potato bake, sausage stew, potatoes with dill, red cabbage, pickled beetroot, mashed potatoes and potato dumplings. There was an enormous selection of desserts so the sweet toothed were well and truly catered for.  These included home made black forest gateaux, apple strudel (from my own bountiful apple tree), pear and frangipane tart with pears from the Slatter’s garden, rice pudding with roast plums, an apple cake and an apple and nut cake. Who knew the German’s ate so well?!

We worked our way through two kegs of the Harewood’s ales, and many people brought their own wine too. For those of you who’ve never been to one of our themed evening meals before, here’s the score. We announce the theme and the date. If you volunteer to make something, you are guaranteed a ticket. Otherwise it’s first come first served for tickets (usually purchased from the post office). A ticket gets you 2-3 courses of delicious food served in a buffet style, so you get to sample lots of different dishes on one plate.  It’s a wonderful evening of getting to know your fellow villagers, and getting a good feed while you’re at it. To me, this is one of the things that makes living in Broadbottom so special.

We are open to suggestions for the next evening, so please get in touch via the usual methods. Email info@broadbottomvillage.com, tweet @BroadbottomBCA , or Facebook www.facebook.com/broadbottom.


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