The History Project

The History of Broadbottom Village (1795-1975) Book

Broadbottom Community Association History Project Book

Written by Mollie Sayer
Sponsored by Broadbottom Community Association
& The Longdendale & Hattersley District Assembly

Available from the Post Office
or Call Mollie 01457 764669

Price £10

A Taste of the book

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Broadbottom 1795

Broadbottom 1805

Broadbottom 1830-50

Broadbottom 1860’s

Broadbottom 1870’s

Broadbottom 1880-90’s

Broadbottom 1900-14

Broadbottom 1930’s

Broadbottom 1940-80

Broadbottom Dynasty

Broadbottom Leisure

Broadbottom Servants

Broadbottom Shops

Broadbottom WWI