Introducing the Short Walks!

Joan Abrams, co-author of the popular Broadbottom Walks booklets, has kindly written up some short village walks. They were written during the Covid#19 Lockdown and are ideal for anyone wanting a little bit of extra motivation to get out for some daily exercise. There’s a walk for every day of the week, and all of the walks are circular, starting and finishing at the Community Centre. Here’s the first one. Enjoy!

Short Walk #1 Circular up Hague Road:

Cross the road from the Community Centre and turn LEFT towards Mottram. Turn immediately RIGHT up Gorsey Brow, and take the first RIGHT HAND fork up Hague Road. Here you are high up above the river and to your left is the site of an old quarry. You will pass various Victorian houses, homes for our 19C millowners. Continue for 250 metres past the large house ‘The Hague’ until the view opens out to the Woodhead Pass in the distance and Gamesley over to the right. On the LEFT you will see a narrow wooden stile. This short footpath leads through low trees, along between 2 fields, and then goes up some steps to another wooden stile. There may be sheep in the fields and two temporary electric fences: step carefully over the temporary ‘stiles’ if so. At the top stile, turn LEFT onto Pingot Lane. This winds along towards Gorsey Brow, and as you get to the junction with Gorsey Brow, look to the left and you’ll notice how high up you are above the river. Turn LEFT, walk down the hill and then you can turn RIGHT on to Gibble Gabble (cobbled path about 200 metres further on from Gorsey Intakes on your right). This will bring you out opposite the Hair and Beauty Gallery, just up from the Community Centre.