Autumn show 2018

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These are the classes for this year’s autumn Show which will take place on Sunday September 23rd. Maximum 2 entries per class for any individual. Entry forms will be sent out in late August.

Show Classes (Adult)
Flowers and Vegetables
1. Seed tray with 4 distinct kinds of vegetable
2. A giant vegetable, any kind
3. A home-grown flower arrangement
4. Vase with at least 3 varieties of home grown garden flowers
5. A home grown bizarre fruit or vegetable
Kitchen Crafts
6. Large baked cake, any kind: Approx 7” tin
7. Show-stopper cake: Theme ‘Building’
8. Home-made bread (loaf or rolls)
9. Jar of Jam, jelly or marmalade
10. Chutney, Pickle. Sauce or flavoured infusion
11. Home brewed wine or beer
12. A kitchen catastrophe: photo or the real thing
Photography –maximum A4 print “Snaps welcome”
13. Dawn or dusk
14. Close-up
15. Wildlife
17. Knitted or crocheted item
18. Greeting Card
19. Home-made or up-cycled item of clothing (explanatory notes accepted)
20. Picture: any medium
21. 3-dimensional object: any medium

Show Classes (Children):

Children’s Classes
Plants and Nature
22. Fruit or vegetable sculpture.
23. Jam Jar with 3 types of wild flowers and their names.
24. Display of named tree leaves, pressed or fresh.
25. Fairy or Miniature garden.
26. Flower headdress or garland.
27, 3 decorated cupcakes. Theme: Village History.
28. 3 jam tarts.
29. funny biscuits.
Photography, “Snaps”welcome
31. Wildlife.
32. Village building.
33. Doll, soft toy or puppet.
34. Drawing/painting of friends
35. A poem about wildlife.
36. Decorated wizard’s or witch’s hat.
37. Upcycled model of a dinosaur, robot or super hero.
38. Boat made from rubbish.
39. A greetings card.

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